Zoning & Planning



Code Enforcement Officer:

William N. McAdoo


Jim Smith


Harry Burt, Phil Ilacqua, John Wilson, & John Robbins


(315) 789-3922


(315) 789-7753


Zoning Board Meetings are held the fourth Tuesday of every month at 7:00PM at the Town Hall.

The Zoning Board of Appeals reviews applications for use and area variances as well as for a special permit to use and existing building.  Any questions regarding guidelines for variances or special permit uses may be directed to the Building Inspector/Code Enforcement Officer or his staff.

A zoning map is available at the Building Department at a cost of $10.00 in the Town Hall Office, 3760 County Road 6; Geneva, NY 14456. If you are not sure if a variance is required for your project, please contact the Building Department.

How To File An Application

Applicants must fill out and submit a notarized, signed copy of the application and a copy of an instrument survey or tape location map showing the project (addition, deck, etc.) they are constructing with the distance to the property lines.  A complete package must be received by the deadline date below to be included on the agenda.  Checks must be made payable to the Town of Geneva Town Clerk.  A complete package includes the signed, notarized application form, map, and check.

Applications are currently available at the Town of Geneva Town Hall. 



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