Finger Lakes Community Choice



Announcement on July 15, 2021

The Town of Geneva will be expanding their Finger Lakes Community Choice offerings, to include community choice solar in addition to our ongoing renewable electricity supply offering. 

Through Finger Lakes Community Choice, Geneva is able to leverage the collective purchasing power of our residents and small businesses to provide both offerings. Renewable Electricity Supply supports renewable resources currently in operation throughout New York State (predominantly run-of-river hydropower plants), and Community Choice Solar supports the development of new solar projects in our area. These offerings work together to support clean energy locally and statewide, and to provide customers benefits. Residents in our town may be eligible for both, either, or neither offering.

Community Choice Solar

Finger Lakes Community Choice will be partnering with local solar projects. If you are eligible, you will receive guaranteed savings on your monthly NYSEG bill by participating in Community Choice Solar. Unless you choose to opt-out, you will be automatically enrolled in one of our selected community solar projects. Each month that you remain enrolled, you will receive a credit (discount) on your NYSEG electric bill. There are no contracts to sign, no additional bills to pay, and no credit screens. Participating in a community solar project simply earns you a monetary credit on your electricity bill; it does not replace your electricity supplier and can be seamlessly combined with the Electricity Supply offering described below.

Just like with the Electricity Supply offering, the Finger Lakes Community Choice team will provide public outreach and education about the community choice solar program. Individual letters will be mailed to eligible residents and small businesses once the solar projects are selected.

To learn more, please visit to find upcoming public info sessions.

Community Choice Electricity Supply

Since the renewal of our Community Choice program, eligible participants are able to continue powering their homes and businesses with renewable electricity through the Finger Lakes Community Choice electricity supply offering.  The new fixed price is $0.05790 for residents and $0.05790 for small commercial for 100% NYS renewable electricity and will remain stable, through June 2023.

The Town of Geneva has chosen the 100% Renewable Option as the default. Eligible residents and small businesses will automatically be enrolled in the 100% Renewable Option unless they choose another option or opt-out of the program. There are 3 fixed-rate electricity supply options under our program:

  1. 100% New York State Renewable Option, 100% of your electricity supply is matched by Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) provided by New York State renewable power plants (hydropower, wind, solar)
  1. 50% Renewable Option, 50% of your electricity supply is matched by Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) provided by New York State renewable power plants (hydropower, wind, solar) and 50% of your electricity supply is matched by Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) provided by national wind. This option is not considered a 100% renewable electricity option by New York State.
  1. Standard option, mixture of fossil fuels, nuclear, and some renewable energy.

Residents and small businesses may choose between these supply options, opt-out or opt-into the program at any time by calling (585) 244-0244 or online at and submit your information through the Enrollment/Change Form on the homepage.

If you are participating in any of the supply options above, Constellation NewEnergy, Inc. will be your new supplier, beginning on your first meter-read after July 1, 2021. The new rate will remain fixed for a 24 month period through June 2023.

Please contact the Finger Lakes Community Choice Team with any questions about the program or any mailings you receive at (585) 244-0244 or

3750 County Road 6, 
Geneva, New York 14456