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Reminder: 2020 CENSUS

Please respond to the CENSUS as soon as possible.  A lot of funding is based on population.  Go to to complete the CENSUS now or find information to complete by phone in 12 different languages at

While completing please keep the following in mind:

  1. Remember to include children under age 5, they often get overlooked.
  2. College students should be reported as living where they go to college, even if they are living at home or elsewhere due to COVID-19 response.  Those living in dormitories on campus will be counted by the college or university at which they are enrolled—so they do NOT have to complete the Census themselves.  Students who would normally be living off campus do need to complete the Census, and ALL FLCC Students are considered off-campus students!

You can find additional information regarding the 2020 CENSUS at

3750 County Road 6, 
Geneva, New York 14456