Trash, Recycling & Composting



For $50 a resident can purchase a punch card that allows the disposal of 2 30-gallon bags of trash per punch, with the card containing 52 punches. The bags must be taken to the Town's Recycling and Disposal Station at 32 White Springs Road and placed in the trash compactor. The Station is open Wednesday 9:00-5:00 and Saturdays between 8:30-4:00.


Recycling is also available to town residents at the Recycling and Disposal Station upon purchase of a sticker for placement on a vehicle ($10 per vehicle), good for the calendar year.

Brush and leaves can also be taken to the Station by Town residents with a recycling permit.

You can obtain these permits at Town Hall from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm Monday through Friday. If you are unable to visit Town Hall during regular business hours, you may visit the transfer station for the necessary forms. Please complete the required information and place the forms in the drop box in front of Town Hall, along with a check payable to the Town of Geneva. Your permit request will be processed, and the card or stickers will be mailed to you.

If You Smell Landfill Odor, Report It:

Electronic Waste Collection Sites:

Staples-337 Hamilton ST. Geneva, NY
Salvation Army-979 RT 5&20 Geneva, NY

Electronic Recycling drop-off locations for residents in other towns:
PC & Wireless shop: 585-412-2100
Laser Genesis: 585-289-2008
Regional Computer Recycling & Recovery: 585-924-3840
Call the location you want to deliver to and check to see what the cost will be for your items!

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Ontario County Recycling/Waste Diversion Webpage 

The Ontario County Board of Supervisors is committed to closing the county landfill when the operating contract expires at the end of 2028," Supervisor Mark Venuti said. "Our goal is to substantially reduce what we throw away so we won't confront an expensive dilemma about managing refuse when it happens."

Studies indicate food waste represents about 20 percent of what goes in a landfill, but it can be made into a useful product.
The town set goals of 100 households collecting food waste for transfer to a composting facility, and 100 homeowners composting on their property. In 2017, 40 homes obtained compost bins to do their own composting under the program described below, and other residents are bringing food waste to the Town's Recycling and Disposal Station (32 White Springs Road), and depositing it in the Organic Waste Bin (pictured below) located at the Station.  If you need a bucket to collect food waste in at home, they are free to Town residents while supplies last.  Contact info below.


On-Ground Compost Unit
The backyard composting boxes (pictured below) are made of recycled wood and have a lid and design that will keep out animals. Residents are offered the box, a red worm compost boost, set-up help and instruction, and continuing on-call help. 
comp bin

This technique does not require unnecessary maintenance.  It uses decomposing microorganisms from the ground and produces a rich compost that can be used in the yard to add to the soil health of the area. 
Best tactics:
- When doing yard work, including mowing, raking, trimming, and others, start a pile next to your bin.
       - Over time, (suggested once every 2-3 dumps of kitchen scraps) put a pile of browns (leaves, yard trimmings) on top
       - Create layers with greens (food scraps) and browns to ensure quick decomposition
       - Always try and layer brown material on top to ensure smell repression
       - Harvest the compost from the bottom about every 6-10 months
Why composting matters:
Expected yearly landfill diversion: 20 pounds a month per person, 2.57 average people per house, or 617 pounds per year!
       - Equivalent in greenhouse gas emission to driving 1456 miles in an average US car!

The package has a $130 value. However, the Town is providing it to residents for only $20! 

“If you’ve thought about composting but haven’t felt capable of taking it on, this program will make it possible,” Venuti said.
The projects are expected to divert more than 120,000 pounds of food waste in the first two years. 

You get the outdoor compost bin, a kitchen bucket, a bag of compost boost, ongoing assistance as needed, a $130 value, for only $20! 

Contact Mark Venuti or Jacob Fox (210-833-8666) for more information! Lets make the Town of Geneva a more sustainable place and reduce our reliance on the landfill!

3750 County Road 6, 
Geneva, New York 14456