Lake-Friendly Home Campaign

Lake-Friendly Home Campaign

Town of Geneva has launched a lake-friendly home campaign to protect the Seneca Lake Watershed. You can earn gold, silver, or bronze designation by capturing stormwater on your property to ensure excess runoff does not contaminate the lake. Bronze level means your yard is pollinator friendly, keep the leaves on the lawn, have a rain barrel, do not use pesticides, and have a backyard composting box. Silver level means you capture the amount of stormwater that your roof/ driveway runoff. Gold means you capture more water than you runoff.  All residents have a role to play in protecting the watershed. Residents who earn one of these designations will receive a lawn sign to recognize the achievement and encourage others to do the same.

Please contact Jacob Fox with the Town of Geneva at or 210-833-8666 to learn more about the lake-friendly home program.

We have also set up a new page for you to submit questions regarding Lake Friendly Living! Check it out here!

To view our Lake Friendly Educational Series click here!

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